Betty Irabor opens up on reason behind her suicide mission

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Nigerian author, Betty Irabor has opened up on why she embarked on a suicide mission.

She explained how years back, she unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide after a long season of depression.

According to her, she nearly ended her life years back due to depression.

Irabor is the founder of the popular Genevieve Magazine.

She stated this on her X page.


Irabor wrote;

“Years ago I had a failed attempt @ suicide. What people don’t get is that many don’t really want to go thru with it. It’s d pain you want to kill not yourself.

In that fleeting sec you’re still hoping someone will save u.

I’m grateful 4 my turnaround & bonus yrs #depression.

If you’re in that place called depression, I promise you that a turn around is possible.. Talk to someone. There is no shame in admitting you need help and getting it. All that matters is your recovery. Thankfully more people understand Mental illness better now.


It’s all in my bk Dust to Dew…

it took 9 psychiatrists; 5 in Lagos; 3 of whom were clueless lol, 1 in London (who was like “oh not another crazy one”? 😀)to 2 in Dubai, a very a kind hubby, beloved 2 adult children, great siblings, my mum, meds, & my own will to live”