BREAKING! Aggrieved Reps storm out of plenary over speedy passage of bill to change National Anthem

House of Reps 1

…Bill flies through 1st, 2nd, 3rd reading

Aggrieved lawmakers in the House of Representatives staged a walkout when a bill to revert to the old national anthem passed first, Second and third Reading on the floor of the House on Thursday at plenary.

The bill which was not captured on the Order paper for Thursday 23rd May 2024, was introduced by the Majority Leader, Rep. Julius Ihonbvere, and immediately passed first and second reading.

The Deputy speaker who was presiding officer, allowed the reading on the bill for the first time and immediately second reading after which the sponsor Rep. Ihonbvere was allowed to commence debate on the bill.

The House Leader in his debate said the words of the old national anthem speaks about the people that Nigerians are and that going back to it will bring back the unity once shared irrespective of tribal difference.

But the Minority Leader, Rep. Kingsley Chinda believes that going back to the old national anthem would be going backwards and not a progression for Nigeria.

He said: “For every law, there must be a clear cut spirit behind it. The reason for the national anthem is Tradition, history, belief of the nation and its people.

“What does the old national anthem remind us of? History date back to colonialism.

“Is it any important to our national life, what value will it add to us?

Details shortly…