BREAKING: UN Seeks De-Escalation of Middle East Conflict Amid Iran’s Attack On Israel

UN Human Rights Commission has warned of wider Middle East conflict amid Iran’s attack on Israel and is seeking de-escalation.


NaijaOnPoint Nigeria reports that the United Nations Human Rights Commission has warned of a wider Middle East conflict following Iran’s military attack on Israel last night. 


This Nigeria news platform understands that the UN Human Rights Chief, Volker Turk also strongly condemned what he termed as the wide-scale attacks launched by Iran against Israel. 


The Commission urged all parties to take steps to de-escalate the already extremely precarious situation. 



The UNHRC statement on Sunday reads,  

  • “I strongly condemn the wide-scale attacks launched last night by Iran against Israel. Such missile and drone attacks had the potential to cause significant harm beyond military targets and put civilians at risk. 
  • ‘” This only adds fuel to the fire in the whole region. I remind all parties of their obligations under international humanitarian law and international human rights law.  
  • “I am deeply worried about the potential humanitarian and human rights cost if this escalation leads to wider conflict in the Middle East.  
  • “I urge all parties to take steps to de-escalate the situation, and call on third States, in particular those with influence, to do all in their power to ensure there is no further deterioration in an already extremely precarious situation.” 

More Insights 

  •  Iran launched a military attack on Israel accusing the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) of attacking the Iranian embassy in Damascus, the capital of Syria, recently, amid the IDF’s ongoing war with Hamas of Gaza, Hezbollah of Lebanon and alleged Iranian forces operating in Syria. 
  • The IDF confirmed Iran’s wide scale coordinated attack on its territory but added that a defense coalition of international partners helped in successfully intercepting 99% of aerial threats launched by Iran. 
  • Right now, different nations are taking different bilateral position on the development. 
  • Naijaonpoint reports that Israel and Iran regard themselves as age-long enemies with both governments accusing each other of annihilation. 
  • The UNHRC is a United Nations agency that interpretes human rights issues across the nations. 
  • The development is expected to compel a meeting of the UN Security Council. 
  • The Middle East is an oil rich region that enjoys patronage of many countries of the world.