BREAKING: ‘Wait For 2027 Or…’ — Tinubu Warns NLC Against Further Protests

Bola Ahmed Tinubu 1

President Bola Tinubu has addressed the recent protests organised by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) against the economic hardship faced by many Nigerians, following the removal of the fuel subsidy in May 2023.

Speaking during the commissioning of the Red Line Rail Mass Transit project in Lagos, Tinubu expressed his disapproval of the protests, stating that holding protests within nine months of his administration was “unacceptable.”

Tinubu seemingly downplayed the NLC’s right to protest and implied that the NLC’s actions were politically motivated.

He added that if NLC intended to engage in political activism, they should wait until the 2027 elections to choose a new president.

Despite acknowledging the current hardships, President Tinubu noted the potential of the Red Line project to generate economic opportunities.

The president urged Nigerians to “persevere” and have faith in the government’s ability to overcome the nation’s economic challenges.

Tinubu stated, “no matter how much we cling to our freedom and rights, (trying to) force rights within nine months of an administration is unacceptable.”

The president added, “If you want to participate in the electoral process, wait for 2027. If not, maintain peace. You are not the only voice of Nigerians.”

Meanwhile, President Tinubu’s remark maybe be perceived as an attempt to stifle dissenting voices and disregard the right to peaceful protest.

THE WHISTLER reported that the NLC on Wednesday alleged the Federal Government’s efforts to undermine the union through divide-and-rule tactics, saying the two-day protest was called off because of threats and intimidation.

The union also expressed concern that its headquarters as well as state offices nationwide had been militarised by the Federal Government, insisting it’s members won’t be cowed.
“You’re meeting with the leadership of the NLC, and you’re still inviting every union in the country to undermine us. Even at that meeting, where I was talking, they wanted two of my deputies to be talking, so that we don’t have leaders, but we survived all that.

“There is nothing on earth they have not done to subvert the NLC. Nothing! And we’re still waxing stronger. Henceforth, the NLC will no longer be comfortable attending meetings on the eve of any action. Never again! It was a waste of time, a waste of energy and nothing comes from such meetings,” the NLC President, Comrade Joe Ajaero, disclosed on Wednesday in Abuja during a press briefing held to announce the suspension of the protests.

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