Burna Boy Is Enlisted Amongst Essence’s Sexiest Men of The Moment

Burnaboy 4

Fans of Burna Boy, the African Giant, are overjoyed after being named one of Essence Magazine’s Sexiest Men of the Moment.

Beyond his evident physical advantages, the magazine believes that the Grammy-winning artist’s appeal stems from his distinct African swagger.

It further said that ladies admire his powerful presence and voice on stage, applauding his impeccable style.

Essence Magazine wrote: “Beyond the obvious physical attributes, Burna Boy’s appeal lies in his distinctly African swag. His voice and presence command the stage, he has impeccable style, and is always perfectly groomed and iced out. Ladies love it!”

Check out netizens reactions…

dollfaceadunni noted: “Burnaboy is sexy asf … his voice, body, everything! His confidence alone is captivating 💯”

sheistaj stated: “Oh please!!!, Speed Darlington should have made it as well then”

Oc dion wrote: “this can’t be real”

w_e_e_z_y_ reacted: “Once You Can Define Sexy, You’ll Understand Why Burna Boy Is Listed On There.”

gabby_tii said: “Burna sexy na and him get masculine vibes and energy”

tour_lanny penned: “For someone that sang Tested, Approved and Trusted. His voice deserves it not his physique”