Burna Boy, other Afrobeats artists are stealing from fuji music’ – Veteran singer, Remi Aluko reveals

Remi Aluko
  • Veteran singer Remi Aluko has accused Afrobeats artists like Burna Boy of stealing chorus patterns from Fuji music.
  • Fuji has significantly influenced Afrobeats artists, particularly in the development of chorus rhythms.
  • Remi Aluko discusses the uniqueness and originality he sees in the Fuji music scene.

Remi Aluko, a seasoned musician, accused Burna Boy and other Afrobeats singers of stealing chorus patterns from Fuji music.

He says that Afrobeats artists have learned a lot from Fuji, particularly chorus rhythms.

Remi Aluko discusses what he sees as an example of creativity and distinctiveness in the Fuji music world.

The fuji star named Burna Boy, whose onstage demeanour he said is unique because it was influenced by fuji:

In a recent interview with Echo Room, Remi Aluko stated:

“Afrobeats artists are stealing from Fuji music. They know that.

“They stole a lot of things from Fuji music. Part of Afrobeats song chorus is from Fuji music. Burna Boy for instance, his stage performance is totally unique because it’s inspired by fuji.”