Charge 2 devices with this Insignia vehicle charger for $8.49

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Don’t you just hate when you get into your car and you don’t have enough battery life on your devices, so you reach for the car charger to plug them in only to realize that you don’t have enough ports? Well, kiss that problem goodbye because this Insignia vehicle charger that Best Buy has a deal on right now has two ports for charging two devices simultaneously. No more having to worry about whether or not you can charge your phone and earbuds at the same time. With this vehicle charger, you can! The regular full retail price on this bad boy is $20.

That’s right, $20. But Best Buy has it on sale for $8.49 so you save more than half of the regular price. If you don’t already have a vehicle charger, then you definitely should pick this up. This is a max 20W vehicle charger so it won’t be as fast as some wall chargers you have at home. But it’ll be plenty for the vehicle when you aren’t really going to be using the phone much anyway. It’s also super small and compact so it easily fits in a bag or pocket if you want to take it with you.

You could leave it in your car plugged directly into the 12V charger port. However, if you’re worried about break-ins and this getting stolen, you could slide it into your pocket, or toss this in a compartment so it’s out of view. And because of the small size, it’s easy to hide. Best of all, it’s inexpensive. If something happens to it, you can just replace it and it won’t feel as bad as it would if you had to replace something more expensive.

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