Charleston White Says Foolio “Worked Hard To Die”

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Comedian Charleston White says nobody should be sad about the death of 26-year-old rapper Julio Foolio because it was what he wanted.

Foolio was shot and killed while he was in Tampa, Florida, celebrating his 26th birthday. On his Instagram Story, she posted that the Airbnb he had booked asked him to leave because he had too many people staying at the apartment. He then moved the party to a local Holiday Inn.

Foolio was ambushed in the hotel’s parking lot. Three other victims were treated at a local hospital. 

“I knew they was going to get him ’cause the boy worked hard to die,” White said. “That boy worked hard to get shot on. Man, he shot his foot off last year givin’ his partner,” says White.

He continued, “N-gga got his foot shot off, he’s not supposed to be bouncing around on his birthday. Man, get somewhere and sit down and rest that foot and work your hips, n-gga […] Then I’m thinking, ‘At the Holiday Inn?’ What the f-ck?”

White says the venue provided very little security and says the rapper “earned” his death.

“There ain’t no protection on a n-gga at a Holiday Inn. They ain’t even got valet parking! Man, that n-gga worked hard to die. Sh-t, he earned it. Should nobody be sad. The way the n-gga lived and talked gangsta, should nobody be sad for what happened to Julio Foolio. One thing we know about him, he didn’t go to heaven.”

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