ChatGPT gets Google Drive integration with “Connect Apps” feature

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OpenAI’s ChatGPT is getting Google Drive and OneDrive integration. Certain users can plug in their cloud storage services using the new “Connect Apps” feature.

Connect Apps for ChatGPT offering Google Drive and OneDrive integration

Google has been aggressively infusing its Gemini AI into most, if not all, of its products. From Gmail to Google TV, and Android to Google Docs, Gemini will have a deeper impact on the way users interact with Google products.

At this year’s Google I/O, the search giant indicated it has doubled down on Workspace integration with Gemini. Google implied this was a strategic step moving forward.

Now Microsoft-funded OpenAI is offering Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive integration with ChatGPT. A new prompt is popping up for certain users, suggesting they can access files in ChatGPT from the cloud.

The newly introduced Connect Apps feature allows users to bring in documents and spreadsheets for analysis and insights within ChatGPT. Previously, users had to drop in a file or its contents. Moving forward, it would have the ability to select files from Google Drive and OneDrive.

How does the Connect Apps feature work and who is eligible?

ChatGPT had reportedly started showing a prompt for “Connect Apps”. Tapping on the prompt leads users to another page where they can plug Google Drive and OneDrive into ChatGPT.

Moving forward, users would get “Add from Google Drive” in the attachment menu. When entering a prompt, users could rely on the familiar “File Picker”, which would integrate content from Google Drive and OneDrive.

Needless to say, neither OpenAI nor Microsoft has formally announced the Connect Apps feature. Hence, it is not clear how the companies plan to take this feature forward. For the time being, the Connect Apps feature is showing up for a few “Enterprise” users. Non-business or personal ChatGPT users haven’t indicated spotting the Connect Apps prompt.

ChatGPT may be limiting the new feature to Enterprise or Business users. However, it does offer to integrate Microsoft OneDrive for Business and Personal accounts. Hence, OpenAI may gradually allow general users to plug in their cloud storage services for easier and quicker access in ChatGPT.