“Chef Chi na good woman” – Very Dark Man praises Chioma

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Chioma must have scored huge good points with Very Dark Man, as he took to Instagram to heap praises on her.

In a recent post, Very Dark Man narrated how he met Chioma in 2022, and that was when he knew that she was a good person. He went on to say that it is only when people meet her that they’ll understand how much of a good person she is.

Very Dark Man praises Chioma.

It isn’t often that Very Dark Man praises people on the internet, especially celebrities. This is because he has expressed how much he doesn’t like celebrities because they aren’t honest people.

Very Dark Man made this statement in relation to the fact that he ignored Junior Pope’s Dm before he died.

According to Very Dark Man, Junior apple sent him a message, which he saw and ignored, and later on, he discovered that Junior Pope deleted it.

Very Dark Man’s statement about not liking celebrities doesn’t hold water in the public eye because he is openly friends with Davido, and the likes of Cubana Chiefpriest.

When Cubana Chiefpriest was arrested for Naira mutilation, he openly sent well wishes his way, and he also celebrated his release from EFCC custody.

On the matter of being in EFCC custody, Very Dark Man’s arch nemesis Bobrisky has been in prison for a few months now, with no news of his release in foresight.

Very Dark Man was one of the few people that celebrated Bobrisky’s arrest, owing to their bad history together.

Recall that when Very Dark Man was arrested by the Police for making slanderous statements against their top officials, Bobrisky’s joy couldn’t be contained, as he openly celebrated online.

Apart from Bobrisky, one of Very Dark Man’s most prominent nemesis is Blessing CEO, and she has never hidden her ire for him. When he was arrested, she made taunting videos, even sarcastically offering to visit him in jail.