Child Actress Pearl Shim Mugalla, Reportedly Gave Birth, Returns To Trenches After The Death Of Her Mother

Pearl Shim Mugalla

Nollywood child actor Pearl Shim, aka Little Daniella, reportedly gives birth and returns to the trenches after her mother’s death.

A particular person has requested assistance for former Nollywood child star Pearl Shim Mugalla, who allegedly returned to the trenches following the death of her mother. She apparently became pregnant and had a child last month.

According to the man, Pearl became pregnant out of wedlock and gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Watch the video below….


Ohh my goodness🙆‍♂️🙆 the former Nollywood actor and star Pearl Shim Mugalla who was popularly known as Little Daniella as she is now back to the trenches and has been abandoned by Nollywood people’s after the departure of her mother…due to a situation she got pregnant and she has given birth to a bouncy baby boy February 2024

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