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Chronoworking is the new workforce trend globally- Reports 

Organizations globally are being introduced to this concept known as ‘Chrono working,’ which has been designed to align work schedules with an individual’s natural circadian rhythms and peak productivity periods, moving away from the conventional 9 to 5 structure. 

The New World of Work survey  seen by Naijaonpoint reveals that 44.9% of companies recognize staggered or flexible work schedules as a significant operational change for the future in the aftermath of COVID-19, indicating that diverse work schedules may soon become the norm. 

Experts have therefore suggested that this is a time when we delve deeper into understanding how our biological clocks and the natural fluctuations in our energy levels should dictate our workdays. 

Flexibility in work involves more than location; it also pertains to timing. 

For instance, the Great Discontent survey indicates that some remote jobs globally require adherence to specific hours, like customer support or software engineering roles, whereas others, such as in hospitality, necessitate physical presence but offer shift flexibility. 

This holds even in the Nigerian workforce. 

This flexibility can mean varied start and end times for employees, catering to individual productivity patterns and life demands. 

In the context of a globalized work environment where teams operate across various time zones, the significance of Chrono working becomes even more pronounced. 

Organizations are encouraged to define their expectations clearly and embrace flexibility as a key to enhancing productivity.