Comedian Alibaba slams Nigerian man who complained about his wife not washing his clothes

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Comedian Ali Baba has reacted to a Nigerian man who took to Facebook to express his opinion on his wife not washing his clothes.

This Nigerian man o known as Chinedu took to Facebook to state that he was in pain currently because he married a woman who refused to wash his clothes and that she knows how busy he gets.

Ali Baba posted this statement on his instagram page m with the caption,

“You would have kuku jejely bought washing and drying machine, then employed two house help. You never busy reach”. Hinting at the fact that the man in question should not look at his wife as a house help.

Let’s also recall that in the beginning of April, Comedian Ali Baba had showed off his fitness journey. He took to Instagram to share a clip of himself shirtless while flexing his muscle. He also expressed that this was just a peep into some of his few regular fitness sets.

He told his fans and followers that he was still in his 40s and he wants to continue to look like he is in his 40s and that by the time he is 50, people will not be able to tell his age. This statement was also hilariously received because Comedian Ali Baba is currently 58 years old.

Also recall that in the beginning of May, Ali Baba had revealed one mistake everybody should avoid in life. He stated that one mistake that people should never make is to allow anyone to recruit them to harm another person who has no wrongs done.

He made it known that it is only a fool that will inherit other people’s enemies as a sign of loyalty.

In the beginning of the year, Ali Baba had counseled couples on how they can stay longer in their marriage. He told couples that they should learn to bridle their words when they are angry because when they are angry, a lot of times, scatting remarks are made which are not even genuinely meant.

He stated that at times, those remarks can linger in a partner’s mind and even form resentment and hostility even when they have already been forgotten by the person who said it.