David Alaba: The Real Madrid defender with a fashion-forward flair

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Real Madrid star David Alaba isn’t just a force on the pitch – he’s also a trendsetter off it, reports.

The Austrian born football star, who is of Nigerian descent, has been recognized as one of the world’s best defenders.

But beyond his impressive skills and stellar performances on the pitch, there’s another side to Alaba that cannot go unnoticed – his impeccable fashion sense.

Alaba is well known for constantly turning heads with his dapper outfits. The football star consistently steals the spotlight, thrilling his fans and followers on Instagram with his unconventional and versatile style choices.
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From edgy streetwear to contemporary pieces and eye-catching color combinations, Alaba has the ability to pull off any look effortlessly.
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No surprise fans have called him “the flyest in Madrid”. Whether it’s training, travel, or a formal event, Alaba arrives in style, treating everyday as a runway.
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One thing that also sets him apart is the confidence he exudes. The 31-year-old’s unwavering charisma and effortless poise complements his stylish flair, making him a true standout.
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Alaba’s fashion prowess has landed him on the cover of various international magazines, and earned him collaborations with several fashion brands.
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The footballer stays captivating fans, even when he is not on the pitch showcasing his outstanding talent and skill.