David Moss who scouted Troost-Ekong set to take Nigeria by storm

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Scout for Swansea City, Crystal Palace, and Celtic, David Moss, is set to embark on an exciting venture in Nigeria, reports. 

The 56-year-old, who boasts a football career with esteemed clubs such as Boston United, Doncaster Rovers, and Swansea City, previously scouted Super Eagles captain William Troost-Ekong.

Today, Troost-Ekong is now regarded as one of the best defenders in Africa, having impressed at the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations and being named the player of the tournament.

Since hanging up his boots, Moss has transitioned seamlessly into the role of a scout, working for reputable clubs like Swansea City, Crystal Palace, and Celtic.

Now, Moss is poised to extend his footprint on African soil, specifically Nigeria, through a collaborative effort with the Troost Ekong Foundation and OE Sports Management Limited.

The partnership aims to conduct a comprehensive scouting program across two major cities in Nigeria: Lagos and Kaduna. This initiative seeks to identify and nurture young talent, reflecting the growing interest of international football entities in the rich pool of players that Nigeria has to offer.

By teaming up with Moss and OE Sports Management Limited, Ekong seeks to provide aspiring footballers in Nigeria with a platform to showcase their abilities and potentially secure pathways to professional careers, both domestically and internationally.

The scouting program holds significant promise for Nigerian football, offering young talents exposure to top-notch coaching, mentorship, and the possibility of trials with renowned clubs. Furthermore, the choice of cities for the scouting program, Lagos and Kaduna, underscores the organizers’ commitment to casting a wide net and reaching talent from diverse regions of Nigeria.

Lagos, as Nigeria’s economic hub, serves as a melting pot of talent from various backgrounds and will be hosted by Ojodu City FC, one of the most renowned football clubs in Lagos.

Kaduna, with its rich footballing history, has produced several notable players who have gone on to represent both club and country and will be hosted by Seat of God FC, a notable football club in Kaduna.

As the program unfolds, aspiring footballers across Nigeria will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and catch the eye of seasoned scouts like Moss.