“Davido Fit Do Aunty Ramota”- OBO’s alleged Ex-bae Anita Brown and 30BG Fans Trade Words Over New Video

anita davido

Anita Brown, the supposed American ex-girlfriend of famous Nigerian artist Davido, recently trended online when netizens flooded her page with obscenities.

It all started when the controversial black-American entrepreneur posted a video of herself cat-walking on her Instagram page.

Many Nigerians were drawn to the video for a variety of reasons, with many mocking her appearance and using harsh language to describe her.

This sparked a heated argument in Anita’s comment area, where she refused to back down and hit back at her critics.

In a snapshot from the drama that went viral online, several netizens chastised Davido for having anything to do with Anita Brown while laughing at her appearance.

According to one netizen, the DMW CEO does not discriminate and can even get along with small-framed actress Aunty Ramota.

Anita, on the other hand, made it a point to mock Africans, claiming that the continent lacked rich soil. She also mentioned that Davido admired American ladies like her.

See the screenshot of Anita Brown’s conversation with Nigerians below:

The heated conversation between Davido’s claimed ex-girlfriend and Nigerian netizens quickly circulated online, prompting more remarks from others.

Read a few of them below:

l.tobiloba: “Na Davido I really blame wey go sleep with this American Ekuke. Leg bend like ogunfe legs.”

ijerondu: “I am sorry . This is what David reduced himself too . Didn’t he see another lady if he wanted to cheat ? He had to choose a trans.”

goldy_jane5: “”No fertile land in Africa” coming from someone that her fore fathers were probably from Nnewi before they got sold during slave trade.”

ellee_bae: “Not enough fertile soil in Africa, OBO how did you fall for this one now‍♀️.”

Pepepretti_herself: “Please, y’all, let sleeping dog lie. Don’t trigger her to start very long episodes .”

daisybaby_1: “Being with Davido will forever be on her CV and Resume. Her biggest flex. I will be proud too.”

bigbaby_cartoon: “Does your world revolve around him ? anyways chioma is still the one with the rings and twins.”

jennifer_chy1: “So what happened to the pregnancy? Abi she done born? The stomach is snatched already .”

l.tobiloba: “Na Davido I really blame wey go sleep with this American Ekuke. Leg bend like ogunfe legs.”