Delta Plane’s Emergency Slide Falls Off During Flight

An  emergency slide fell off a Delta passenger jet shortly after takeoff Friday, forcing the pilots to return to John F. Kennedy International Airport, officials said.

The pilots of Delta Air Lines Flight 520 from New York to Los Angeles reported vibrations and a banging not long after takeoff, the Federal Aviation Administration said. The plane turned around and landed back at JFK at 8:35 a.m., after spending roughly 33 minutes in the air, according to the FAA.

Upon inspection, crews determined that an emergency slide from one of the Boeing 767’s exits had separated from the aircraft, Delta said in a statement.

Crews were working to determine where the slide landed, according to the airline.

“Delta is fully supporting retrieval efforts and will fully cooperate in investigations,” it said in a statement.

The 33-year-old plane was taken out of service and the passengers were placed on another flight to Los Angeles, according to the FAA.

The agency said it is investigating the incident.

ABC News 

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