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Delta vigilante arrests 28-year-old man for breaking into shop

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A 28-year-old man, Ogochukwu Uzorka, has been arrested by the Bonsaac vigilante group in Asaba, the Delta State capital while allegedly attempting to steal a bag of rice.

Speaking to our correspondent on Sunday in Asaba, the Bonsaac vigilante chairman, Francis Okolo, said the suspect was arrested on Saturday.

He said, “The suspect succeeded in breaking into five shops, but was disappointed when he discovered there was a burglary proof under the ceiling of four of the shops.

“The fifth shop where he only succeeded in stealing rechargeable lamps, before being apprehended by the Bonsaac vigilante men.

“The suspect said he was looking for a bag of rice to eat but unfortunately couldn’t break into the shop where rice is”

The suspect who was identified as a fowl butcher at the popular Oko market in the state capital, confessed to stealing a tiger generator in the past and selling it for N15,000.

The vigilante Chairman who appealed for logistics to enable them to police the area effectively, said the suspect had been handed over to the B’ Division police.