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Deputy Speaker reveals when amended constitution will be ready

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Deputy Speaker reveals when amended constitution will be ready

Deputy Speaker, Benjamin Kalu

Published By: Paul Dada

By Paul Dada

The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Benjamin Kalu said the amended Nigerian constitution will be ready for presidential assent in August 2025.

Kalu who chairs the House Committee on Constitution Review, stated this on Thursday  at a Press Conference in Abuja..

Kalu said the first draft report of the ongoing review of the 1999 Constitution would be ready in August 2024.

He said, “We are pushing to ensure that in our activities, the first draft of the work we are trying to do on the constitution will be ready.

“This will be subject to approval of the work done by the sub-committees. Let me mention that our target, the first draft of the constitution will be out in August 2024.

“Second draft will be out in October 2024. We will commence zonal inputs from October 2024 and we’ll keep collecting inputs from citizens from October 14, 2024 as we prepare for the last version or that last draft copy of the constitution.

“We are hoping that during a technical working retreat that will take place in February 2025, the Senate and the House of Representatives documents will be harmonised.

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“It is our desire that on March 17, 2025, we will have harmonised documents considered in the House. It is our belief that by April 2025, we will have the final copies of draft amendments produced.

“We are also optimistic that by May 12, 2025, we’ll have the final clean copy of amendments bills agreed on.

“And we are looking at May 22, 2025, as a time when we will have the final report laid for consideration and voting.”

He further noted that on May 29 or June 13, 2025, the final concurrence of state assemblies would be secured.

“If it delays more than that, it will not go beyond August of 2025 because we believe that by August 2025, the President will receive the bills that will be presented to him for presidential assent. So, our target for transmission of bills to Mr President for assent will take place August 2025.

“And with this, we are sure that our target to get this job done in 24 months will be achieved if we send it to Mr President by August 2025 with the hope that by December, 2025, we will have a constitution that’s fully amended.”