Destiny Etiko goes back on set with Zubby Michael after they faced backlash over Jnr Pope’s death

destiny zubby pope

Destiny Etiko, the acclaimed Nigerian actress and filmmaker, has resumed work on her next film project after a sombre period of grief for her colleague, Junior Pope.

The movie diva turned to social media to give fans a behind-the-scenes look, uploading an intriguing video of herself with the talents Zubby Michael, Gentle Jack, and others.

Destiny was spotted giving Zubby a deep embrace, surrounded by nice pleasantries.

Zubby was spotted greeting his older colleagues with respect, particularly Gentle Jack, who reciprocated with praise and adoration.

“DESTINY ETIKO PRODUCTION day 2,” she captioned the video.

Destiny excitedly announced her return to work in a previous video with fellow actor Gentle Jack. Destiny, Zubby, Gentle Jack, Edomi Victor, and Princess Candice will feature in the forthcoming film “Osama.”

Junior Pope was pronounced dead on the night of April 10 after many attempts to revive him failed. The actor, make-up artist Abigail Frederick, and the production team drowned in the Anam River while returning from the set of Another Side of Life, a film produced by Adanma Luke.

Destiny Etiko came under fire on social media for her alleged insensitivity throughout her grief process following the death of her colleague, Junior Pope.

Meanwhile, Zubby received tremendous condemnation on numerous social media sites for failing to pay respect to Junior Pope, despite being his best man during the wedding.