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Diageo to begin paper packaging of Baileys drink

Johnny Walker maker Diageo has announced it would start paper packaging Irish cream liquor, Baileys as part of a trial.  

The company announced this in a press statement where it stated that the production of paper packaging is in partnership with P A Consulting.  

The paper packaging is made from moulded cellulose-fibre pulp, layered with an inner plastic liner and sealed with foil. Baileys will conduct a trial with 2,000 bottles using this packaging. 

Attendees of Spain’s ‘Time Out Festival’ in Barcelona will be among the first to experience the new paper format, available in ‘mini’ 80ml bottles. 

Diageo reports that the aluminium bottles are five times lighter than traditional glass Baileys bottles, potentially reducing carbon emissions by 44%. The company has set targets to lessen its environmental impact, aiming to increase the recycled content in its packaging to 60% and decrease the total packaging weight by 10%. 

The spirits giant is selling the bottles through duty-free retailer Heinemann and German grocer REWE. From April to June, the product will be available at airports in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Copenhagen. In May, REWE will stock the bottles for a “limited time only.” 

Additionally, the company explained that it is exploring paper packaging formats across its broader portfolio. It is continuing to develop and internally test its Johnnie Walker paper-based bottle concept, which is still in the development phase along with other paper-based bottle concepts. 

Furthermore, Diageo is working on a spiral-wound paper-based bottle design with Don Papa, the super-premium Filipino rum brand. Currently in feasibility testing, this bottle is expected to be 90% paper-based.