“DNA is part of the reason Mohbad was killed” – Mohbad’s father reveals

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Mohbad’s father has continued to share more insights on his son’s death in a most recent interview with popular news channel TVC.

He revealed that that part of the reason why Mohbad, his son was killed was because of DNA issues. He further stated that Mohbad’s childhood friend, Primeboy, had even confirmed that Mohbad had doubted the paternity of Liam when him and Wumi were fighting in the car after the show.

He expressed that there is a CCTV camera in the house but it was removed by an unknown person and he hinted at the fact that it could have been Wunmi who removed it. He also addressed Mohbad’s bent neck which was broken inside the small coffin.

He stated that he did not know anything about it and that Darosha, Mohbad’s friend, should be held responsible for this because he never saw his son inside the coffin before he was buried.

Now, recall that Mohbad’s father has been adamant about OmoWumi, the late Mohbad’s wife, performing a DNA test. Kemi Filani had revealed that in April of 2024, Mohbad’s father had expressed that an insider had killed Mohbad and that he would reveal who that person was once the DNA test was done.

Netizens also suggest that he is hinting at the fact that Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi, could possibly be the suspect hence the insider remark. Also recall that in April, Kemi Filani had also reported that the sister to Wunmi, known as Karimot, had slammed Mohbad’s father over his indecisive demand for DNA.

She revealed that Mohbad had not been completely perfect as he had infected Wumi with sexually transmitted diseases. Also, just four days ago, in a viral voicemail that made its way online, Mohbad’s father had revealed that Liam, his alleged grandson, has bow legs and that there is no bowel leg that runs in the family. His