Don't miss this Pixel tablet discount to $449, an all-time low!

The Google Pixel Tablet is a great device to have in the home, working as both a tablet and a nifty smart display, and Amazon currently has a deal on it right now that slashes the price down to $449. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though.

Not only is this awesome tablet on sale, but this is the lowest price it’s ever been on Amazon since it was released. And since Amazon is usually the low-price leader, chances are this is the lowest it’s ever been anywhere.

Pixel Tablet Deal Price GraphPixel Tablet Deal Price Graph

What’s more, is that the $449 price is for the 256GB model of the tablet. Interestingly, the 128GB model is still $499. So that really puts how good this deal is into perspective. Some things to note. Only the Porcelain and Hazel colorways of the tablet are available in the 256GB model. Which means you can’t get the Rose colorway on sale.

Now we wouldn’t suggest this tablet if you want something primarily for gaming. It’s just not as powerful as some other tablet options out there. However, the Pixel Tablet works wonderfully as a tablet for general use, videos, and even as a hub for streaming music when connected to the speaker dock. And you can certainly play games on it, you just won’t be able to expect the same kind of performance as more high-end devices.

But like we said, this excels as an entertainment device if that entertainment is watching videos. In our review, we said the sound from the speaker dock “was incredible,” and the Chromecast feature is clutch because you can stream content to the tablet from your phone apps. You could just open these apps on the tablet too, but if you’re further away from it and your phone is right next to you this is a convenient way to watch content on the tablet’s bigger display. This price won’t last long so jump on it while you can!

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