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DSS warns against crowded gatherings, alerts Nigerians of “potential threats” in new advisory  

The Department of State Services (DSS) issued a new advisory on Friday, warning Nigerians to stay away from places with large crowds or that seem suspicious, citing “potential threats.” 

Peter Afunanya, the spokesperson for DSS, called on Nigerians to maintain vigilance regarding public safety threats, particularly Improvised Explosive Devices. 

While celebrating the onset of Ramadan with Muslims and the Lent period with Christians, Afunanya prompted citizens to report any unfamiliar activities or movements to the security authorities. 

He also cautioned clerics from both religions, traditional rulers, and other stakeholders to refrain from economic exploitation, sabotage, or profiteering during these important obligations, stressing that the service calls for tolerance, bonds of brotherhood, dialogue and peaceful coexistence among the populace. 

Furthermore, the Department of State Services urged all parties to avoid engaging in economic exploitation, sabotage, or profiteering during these significant events.  

According to the security agency, it’s crucial to understand that illegal activities like price gouging or unethical marketing strategies are not only immoral but also breach principles of fairness and can detract from the sacred nature of occasions. 

In addition, Afunanya stressed the need for media organizations to utilize their platforms to advance well-informed and accurate interactions, thereby supporting the attainment of national security objectives and interests.