Dunamis Church Testifier Disgraced By Pastor Enenche Is Truly NOUN Law Graduate

Dunamis Church Testifier that was globally disgraced by Pastor Enenche is truly a NOUN Law Graduate.


NaijaOnPoint Nigeria reports that Veronica Anyim, a member of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC) in Abuja, was in church on Sunday morning to testify, having bagged a law degree.


Things did not go as planned, as a clip from her testimony has now gone viral, with many dubbing her a liar and manufacturer of false testimonies. In this clip, she says she obtained a law degree from the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), but Paul Enenche, the church founder, interrupts her to accuse her of lying.


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“Degree in what?” He asks. “What programme? What is the name of the degree? Like, medicine is MBBS. What kind of degree is it?”


Anyim responds, “BSc, sir. BSc in law, sir.”


“So, the testimony is a lie. There is nothing like a BSc in law,” Enenche remarks. “You either have LLB or BL. It’s a lie. Please go back to your seat. Is that how lawyers speak English? Please, anybody who comes to this altar to share a testimony that is not true, you do it at the risk of yourself. We are not playing here. We are not faking anything here. When she started that testimony and was talking law, I knew there was nothing like law.”


CLAIM 1: There is nothing like BSc in Law

VERIFICATION: A Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree is typically awarded to college or university graduates upon completion of a science or technology-based course, which usually takes four years to study. It differs from a Bachelor in Art (BA), which is awarded to graduates of social sciences, humanities, arts and others.


However, LLB, the degree lawyers earn upon graduation, originates from Latin: Legum Baccalaureus. It existed long before BA and BSc and continues to remain the most popular way to refer to law degrees.


VERDICT: True. Enenche was right about what the degree is called.


CLAIM 2: Veronica Anyim did not have a law degree


VERIFICATION: To verify Enenche’s claim, we reviewed NOUN’s Comprehensive Graduation List for the 2024 convocation. In this document, the newspaper found Anyim Veronica Nnenna, with Matric Number NOU133971176, listed as an LLB recipient. She bagged third-class honours.


Graduation list with Anyim’s name highlighted. Source: NOUN


NaijaOnPoint Nigeria also found her project topic filed under NOUN’s Projects Administration System (PAS). Her topic was The Legal Framework Regulating International Peace-Keeping, Building And The Role Of Nigeria Police Force.

Anyim’s project on NOUN portal

Further checks confirmed NOUN held its convocation ceremony in Abuja on Saturday, and Anyim posted pictures of her in a convocation gown celebrating her birth month and graduation.


Excerpt from Anyim’s Facebook page

NaijaOnPoint Nigeria also learned that she worked as a police officer in Abuja while undergoing her degree programme.


Her law degree is also recognised by the Nigerian Law School, which has been admitting NOUN graduates since 2022.


VERDICT: False. Enenche was wrong to claim Anyim’s degree was fabricated.