“Each time I trust a man they show me shege” – Nickie Dabarbie laments, days after being released from prison

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Popular social media influencer posted a pensive message on her Instagram story, and it was clear that she had a lot to get off her chest.

Nickie Dabarbie laments about going to prison.

The first post she made read;

“Whenever I speak up for myself I get thrown in
prison If you threaten my life and I’Il still call you out.. prison or no prison. The system is messed up.. It’s who is more popular and has more money they would side even with all your evidences Who knows what woulda happened if I hadn’t quickly gone live that day.. Maybe my dead body woulda been found on the road side
Just to keep me silent Grateful to God almighty for my life”

It is clear that Nickie Dabarbie was reflecting on the drama that led to her being arrested and spending at least two weeks in prison.

Nickie Dabarbie’s message to a ‘certain’ man.Nickie Dabarbie’s message to a ‘certain’ man.

Nickie Dabarbie clearly wasn’t done, as she made another post, sending a message to a certain man. She wrote;

“Each time I trust a man they show me shege banza”

With the recent events that have publicly taken place in Nickie Dabarbie’s life, it is clear that the man she was referring to is Skiibii, even though she didn’t mention his name.

During the series of posts she made during her drama with Skiibii, she shared conversations between both of them that showed that they had something going on.

Although she didn’t confirm the status of her relationship with Skiibii, it is clear that they were close, since the entire drama happened at his place.

Nickie Dabarbie recently secured release from prison, with the help of Very Dark Man, who got lawyers for her.

While Nickie Dabarbie is out on bail, Very Dark Man recently got remanded in his prison, after his bail application failed.

He was taken to court on the basis that he alleged that Bobrisky was pimping young boys out to senior Police officers, so that they’ll slerp with them.