EFCC Chairman Vows To Personally Oversee Prosecution Of Yahaya Bello

efcc olukayode

The Chairman of the Economic and financial crimes commissions EFCC, Ola Olukoyede says he would personally see to the completion of the investigation regarding Yahaya Bello, I will tender my resignation as the EFCC Chairman.

The EFCC Chairman said he made a direct phone call to the former governor out of respect, urging him to appear before the commission and address the charges. Unfortunately, the former governor declined the invitation.

Governor Yahaya Bello has alleged to summoned the EFCC to make an appearance in his village.

Olukoyede highlighted the importance of Nigerians supporting the EFCC for its success, emphasizing that the agency’s failure would reflect negatively on Nigeria. He pointed out that the ongoing efforts have positively impacted the value of the Naira and the foreign market.