“Enough! If you put your hand in my mouth, I will b!te you” – Portable’s wife Omobewaji replied her husband Portable

portable bewaji3

The wife of Nigerian singer Portable, Omobewaji, responded angrily to what her husband had said about her earlier in the day.

The singer Portable said earlier today that his wife is nothing without him, as the Momedia site said.

He wrote in Portable’s statement:

“If my name is removed from your name, you are nothing.”

This critical remark was made in response to a post his wife made about self-love on social media.

But according to data on the internet, this is the second time in the last two weeks that this couple has experienced the same problem.

Finally, Omobewaji hurled shade at the performer, responding,

“Enough is enough! You dun already push me to the wall don’t worry sha, have been so quiet since all these days oooo. If you put your hand in my mouth, I will b!te you”

See the screenshot below…

Some weeks ago, a post was made by Omobewaji, talking about appreciation and how people can forget people, and only appreciating when they need them. This was the first piece of shade she from the response her husband gave her.