Exclusive: Infinix to debut first foldable model Infinix Zero Flip

Infinix Note 30 Pro 15 jpg.webp

Infinix is a smartphone manufacturer that has made a name for itself with its affordable smartphones. The brand is making a new move to gain a foothold in this competitive field and is developing its first foldable smartphone, the “Infinix Zero Flip“. We at the Android Headlines team have spotted some specific details about Infinix’s first foldable model. While we don’t know the exact specifications, we will reveal everything about the Infinix Zero Flip.

Infinix Zero Flip

Zero Flip is a milestone for Infinix. It represents the brand’s first foldable model, and we eagerly await to see what kind of experience it will offer. Now, the existence of the new smartphone is officially confirmed. A few weeks ago, an Infinix model had passed EEC certification, and the model number was X6962. Our internal sources have now revealed which model this model number belongs to.

Zero Flip will have the model number X6962. This model is Infinix’s first foldable smartphone. We don’t know its technical specifications. But it is expected to be affordable. The brand is known for its affordable products. Millions of users must be waiting to see what the new Zero Flip will offer. So when will the Infinix Zero Flip be launched? Infinix’s new foldable model will be introduced in the near future.

Also, an Infinix smartphone with the model number X6860 has passed EEC certification. We have found out which device this model number belongs to, and we will announce details about the new series on our website in the coming days. Stay tuned.