EXCLUSIVE: Tinubu Abandons Wike Over Rivers Crisis, As Ijaw Council Warns Nothing Must Happen To Fubara

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President Bola Tinubu does not want to be drawn into unnecessary political war by “siding his minister”, Nyesom Wike against Rivers State Governor, Simi Fubara, THE WHISTLER has learnt.

At the outbreak of the crisis over the sharing formula of political offices in the state, Tinubu had summoned all parties to the presidential villa where an agreement was reached for all parties to honour for peace to reign.

But the crisis has remained intractable with both Fubara and his predecessor, who’s the FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike, having a go at each other.

War of words have been emanating with threats and counter threats, forcing some commissioners loyal to Wike to resign their appointments.

But a source close to the presidency has said the statement from the president’s aide, Ajuri Ngelele, that the president will not “take sides” was true “as the president’s body has shown.”

Recall Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to the President, Ngelale had disclosed during an interview on TVC that the president will not take sides in the raging crisis.

He said, “I believe that anyone who believes that by their actions, whether it’s from the Federal level, State level or the legislative branch in the State or the executive branch in the state;

“…if they are banking on Mr. President to take sides on this matter, they’re mistaking, and they’ll be disappointed,” he added.

Ajuri further stated, “Mr. President will not do that. What he will do is to ensure that everybody has what they need in order to work.

“He will also ensure that any attempt to frustrate the operation of the Rivers State Government of conducting its affairs in a way that it would benefit the Rivers people, that’s obviously not going to be allowed by this President or anybody else.

“So, I think there’s a need for all stakeholders to understand that Mr President won’t take sides.”

Speaking on Friday, the source explained that the president is wary of a likely backlash and has been advised by his aides to abandon any initial considered step to support his minister.

“The president has now made a decision not to commit to supporting moves being made against removing Fubara.

“When we had an online strategy meeting with the president’s son over the weekend regarding the new projects the issue came up. As soon as we were discussing that issue and a presidential aide revealed that the president was not a party to the crisis, the president summoned his son, Seyi to see him.

“Although we don’t know if it was regarding that revelation but Seyi was there, it was his project on how to raise strong executives from each ward in the country ahead of 2027 and he did not counter the revelation.”

Asked how the Rivers political crisis became a topic for discussion when the strategy meeting was on how to prepare for 2027, she said, “it was brought in because someone said we may lose Rivers since the minister is fighting the governor. As you know, Governors control the states and have important and somehow final say in the outcome of almost everything.

“The commentator said Wike was causing more harm than good and that trying to force things would draw people to be sympathetic towards the governor.

“So it was we analysing the state of things in the 36 states and the FCT and how to prepare for 2027. The opposition parties are also preparing so we in the All Progressives Congress must also prepare,” she said.

The source who’s also close to the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives further said the national assembly is aware of the president’s body language and the “leaders of NASS have said the president is not interested in being involved to either impeach the governor or declare a state of emergency in order to have someone in the APC side presiding over the state.”

According to her, “It could be regarded as abandoning his minister,” when asked if that’s what the president has done but added that “they are working together on how to move Nigeria’ forward. The president doesn’t want distractions.

“It appears the Minister, having sensed that, has cooled off a bit but his supporters and loyalists are those doing the fighting now,” she said.

Similarly, the Ijaw National Congress (INC) has warned Wike against continuous attack and bid to oust the governor.

Speaking during the 56th celebration of the death of the late Ijaw hero, Isaac Adaka Boro, christened Boro Day in Yenagoa, President of INC, Benjamin Okaba, “It’s the INC duty to defend the Ijaw cause. An injury to an Ijaw man is an injury to all of us. That is why we are so focused and committed to the Rivers’ cause.

“The Fubara – Dagogo governorship can never be tampered with. We are unrepentant in our struggle to make sure that 24 years of political slavery is a thing of the past.

“Fubara has become governor and he will remain governor. Anybody that wants to touch Fubara is touching the Ijaw nation.”

When contacted, Bayo Onanuga, Special Adviser on Media and Strategy to the president said, “Yes, the president as a president cannot take sides in the crisis. Rather he’s for a peaceful resolution of the crisis like his earlier move.

“The President cannot abandon any of his ministers but he will not take sides against anybody but will support everybody to do his job,” he told THE WHISTLER.

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