Exclusive: Xiaomi 14T series specs leaked

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Xiaomi is working on the new Xiaomi 14T series. The features of the smartphones have been leaked. You might be wondering what the next generation T series models will offer. Just like the previous 13T series, the 14T series will feature advanced camera hardware, a high-performance processor, and more. Now, as the Android Headlines team, we find some clues in the Xiaomi HyperOS source code.

Xiaomi 14T series specs

Xiaomi 14T series consists of 2 models: Xiaomi 14T and Xiaomi 14T Pro. Some details of the 14T Pro were revealed. The first one was that the device was a rebranded version of the Redmi K70 Ultra. The HyperOS code confirmed that both models have the same “rothko” codename. This suggests that the Redmi K70 Ultra and Xiaomi 14T Pro will be a smartphone with similar specifications.

Seems that the device will come with an “N12” internal model number. The Xiaomi 13T Pro had an “M12” model number. On the processor side, the Xiaomi 14T Pro will feature the Dimensity 9300 SOC. This will differentiate it from all its competitors. Dimensity 9300 will impress users with high power efficiency and extreme performance.

However, our findings show that the two models are not exactly the same. For one, the Redmi K70 Ultra doesn’t support wireless charging. Xiaomi will be adding wireless charging only to the Xiaomi 14T Pro. While this is a negative for users in China, people who will be using the global version of the device should have no worries. Xiaomi 14T Pro will support wireless charging.

We learned that the Chinese manufacturer won’t deal with Leica for the Redmi K70 Ultra in order to reduce costs. Because, while the Xiaomi 14T Pro will have a telephoto camera, the Redmi K70 Ultra will not. Xiaomi HyperOS source code shows that the Redmi K70 Ultra will come with a macro camera. We find that the telephoto camera will be used only on the Xiaomi 14T Pro. This also confirms that the Xiaomi 14T Pro will be powered by Leica.

We expect the Xiaomi 14T Pro to be sold in many countries. 3 different model numbers provide information about the regions where the smartphone will be sold. These model numbers are as follows: “2407FPN8EG“, “2407FPN8ER“, and “A402XM“. The first model number represents the 14T Pro that will be sold in the Global market. The other model numbers belong to the 14T Pro version that will be sold in Japan. Xiaomi will make a deal with Softbank for the 14T series, as it did for the 13T series. Unfortunately, the 14T Pro will not be sold in India.

Now let’s come to what is known about Xiaomi 14T. Xiaomi 14T’s codename will be “degas”. The codename “degas” is inspired by the name of the famous French artist Edgar Degas. Another thing we know about the Xiaomi 14T is that the phone appears in the HyperOS source code with the internal model number “N12A“.

We have spotted the Xiaomi 14T in the database with the model numbers “2406APNFAG“, and “XIG06“. This device will be officially available in the global market. Xiaomi tends to offer some smartphones in specific regions; for example, a model available in Europe may not be available in India, and vice versa. The Xiaomi 14T series is expected to be sold in many regions except India. It’s also worth mentioning this. The model number “XIG06” represents the Japan version of the Xiaomi 14T. This indicates that the device will also be sold in Japan.

In the Xiaomi T series, the main difference between the standard model and the Pro model usually lies in the processor and battery specifications. For example, the cameras used in the Xiaomi 13T and 13T Pro are exactly the same, and even the battery capacities are the same, both phones have a 5000 mAh battery. The scene will probably be the same for the Xiaomi 14T series, two different phones with similar specs but different chipsets. Xiaomi offered the Dimensity 8200 Ultra in the 13T, while the 13T Pro came with the Dimensity 9200+.

You might be wondering about the launch dates. The Redmi K70 Ultra is expected to be introduced to China in August. You can expect the launch of the Xiaomi 14T series to happen in September. There is no information about their prices yet. We will keep you informed of new developments. Stay tuned.