Facebook will now use AI to curate and recommend videos

facebook logo building

The video discovery experience on Facebook is being transformed by Meta. With the help of an advanced AI model, the platform will markedly boost its aged recommendation system. Facebook’s chief, Tom Alison, disclosed his plans to overhaul the video recommendation algorithm to compete with modern social media apps. The news broke out during a tech conference hosted by Morgan Stanley in San Francisco.

AI Takes Over Video Recommendations on Facebook

An AI-driven approach has already been put into practice in Reels (a TikTok competitor owned by Facebook). The strategy will be expanding across the entire platform, including the main Facebook feed and Groups. Facebook has been trying to compete with TikTok whose algorithmic recommendations are unrivaled. Melded with AI, Facebook’s underperforming algorithm will leap to a new level.

Initial tests carried out on this new architecture showed a promising increase in viewership, bumping up by 8% to 10%. The boost in watch time indicates the true potential of this new model. The CEO also emphasized that the improved engagement metrics were because of the better learning capacities of artificial intelligence.

Different parts of the platform have historically had separate video recommendation engines for Facebook. A single AI-powered engine will not only create more interactive and responsive videos on Facebook but will also significantly improve efficiency.

Other Meta products may also get AI power-up

The recent popularity surge of AI technology, particularly after the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, has prompted Meta to include AI in its suite of products on a wider scale. The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, says that the company is making significant investments in AI. The most notable of which are hundreds of NVIDIA GPUs for building and running complex learning models.

This initiative is part of Meta’s “technology roadmap” until 2026 aimed at enhancing and personalizing user experience. In its efforts to provide more matching video clips that users can find appealing, Facebook intends to leverage AI as it seeks to better engagement on its social media platforms.