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FG assembles 120 researchers, startups to develop framework for AI adoption in Nigeria 

The Federal Government has announced plans to bring together 120 Nigerian researchers and startups including other stakeholders in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space to develop a co-created framework for AI adoption in the country. 

The Minister of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy, Dr. Bosun Tijani, announced this on Wednesday. According to the Minister, the experts would come up with this framework at the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy Workshop scheduled to be held from April 15th to 18th, 2024 in Abuja. 

Tijani said the resulting strategy from the session would help the government to deliver the priorities and implementation approach towards improving lives and growing the nation’s economy through the application of AI. 

Describing the strategy framework that would be developed as a significant step in the country’s AI journey, the Minister highlighted his AI efforts since he assumed office last year:  

Having laid the foundation through other initiatives highlighted, Tijani said the next phase for the country is to have a strategy framework in place.  

In December last year, the Minister announced that the Ministry in its bid to make Nigeria a global leader in Artificial Intelligence, had identified over 6,000 AI researchers who are of Nigerian descent and based in several parts of the world.   

According to him, these researchers will be instrumental to the country’s new drive to deploy AI in every sector of the economy and for job creation.   

He added that the goal of the Ministry is to use AI to enhance productivity through the deployment of smart infrastructure. 

The Minister had earlier in August, via a post on Twitter, asked Nigerians to recommend any AI researchers of Nigerian descent to join the country in co-creating a National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy.