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FG commits to licensing, certifying 10 million artisans for local, international opportunities  

The Federal Government and the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) have set up an initiative called Skill-Up Artisans (SUPA) which is committed to up-skilling, licensing, and empowering 10 million artisans in Nigeria over the period of two years. 

The initiative is led by the Minister of Industry, Trade, and Investment, Dr. Doris Uzoka-Anite. 

Naijaonpoint learnt that the aim is to create a focus on blue-collar jobs, asides the white-collar ones in order to align with global shifts favoring skilled labor due to technological advancements. 

This will also empower artisans through tech-enabled skills training, licensing, access to essential toolkits, and promoting industry standard excellence. 

 Nigeria’s population surpasses 220 million, with unemployment persisting, therefore, projections suggest the labor force will exceed 67 million by 2022, highlighting the need for ample job opportunities. 

By training artisans, (skilled craft workers able to make or create material objects partly or entirely by hand), they are better able to contribute significantly to the nation’s GDP. 

 In other words, the better skilled they are, the better the economy.  

Therefore, according to Dr. Anite, the SUPA program will address the scarcity of certified artisans by coordinating efforts for certification and licensing.  

This is in line with the Federal Government’s plan to upscale unlicensed artisans, emphasizing skills development to foster societal prosperity and equality. The initiative seeks to improve service quality, promote small and medium-sized enterprises, and reduce labor import dependency, ultimately empowering 10 million Nigerians and enhancing economic development nationwide. 

Objectives of the program 

Dr. Anite disclosed that this intuitive will enable the Federal Government: 

Artisans on the other hand, will: 


Non-artisans can share this registration link with artisans in their local community