First-gen Pixel Watch gets a spring refresh with April 2024 update

google pixel watch AM AH 04 1

Today, Google has unveiled an exciting announcement about its first-gen Pixel Watch (Review). The April 2024 update is currently being rolled out for Pixel Watch users, with the support team sharing information on the new TWD9.240405.001 update.

As per the announcement, the update rollout for the Pixel Watch has begun. Eventually, it is anticipated to be completed within the next week for all owners. This firmware update includes new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements for Pixel Watch users.

Update Changelog

A notable addition to this update is the Vibration Watch feature. Users will experience haptic vibrations to indicate the current time when interacting with gestures on the watch face. Also, there are enhancements in auto-brightness functionality, further improving the user experience.

Pixel Watch owners can easily check for OTA updates by navigating to Settings > System > System Updates on their smartwatch. If the “Your watch is up-to-date” screen appears, it means your watch is already updated according to the rollout timeline mentioned earlier.

Although this update may appear to be a typical monthly improvement, it is still unclear if it contains the tracking app downloads feature that has been recently observed. This feature is similar to the progress bar found on Pixel phones such as the Pixel 8 Pro. However, it was trialed for the Pixel Watch, but its presence in this update has not been confirmed.

In addition, the most recent firmware update coincides with the March feature drop for the original Pixel Watch. This update introduced several standout features such as pace training, heart zone training, and auto workout mode. All of which were previously only available on the Pixel Watch 2. To top it off, Pixel Watch users now have access to the Fitbit Relax app for guided breathing exercises.

Furthermore, first-gen Pixel Watch users can look forward to a better user experience with the upcoming update. Certainly, the new update will bring new functionalities and improvements in addition to the advantages of the recent March feature drop.