Fitbit app redesigned Sleep page now rolling out more widely

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The Fitbit app recently got a redesign of its Sleep stats page, and now it is finally rolling out more widely. This way, Google continues to implement its Material You design language in all elements of the app.

Google had started implementing Material You guidelines in the Fitbit app last year. However, for one reason or another, the Sleep stats section hadn’t yet received a “facelift.” Now, the Fitbit app’s tweaked Sleep stats UI is reaching more people.

Fitbit users do not need to update the app to receive the new Sleep stats page. The change is happening through a server-side update. Once it is available, you can easily access it by tapping on the “Your sleep profile” card.

This is the new Sleep page of the Fitbit app that is reaching more people

You will notice that the new page has four tabs: “Day”, “Week”, “Month”, and “Year.” This will allow you to easily check your sleep metrics by time segments. The new design also aims to ensure that you get key data at a glance, a philosophy that Google follows in some of its apps and services. For example, now the data for parameters such as your sleep score, sleep duration, and sleep timeline are visible in the same section.

Additionally, pressing and holding on your sleep chart will allow you to “know exactly what time you woke up last night.” If you continue browsing the new UI, you will find the “More about your sleep” tab. Metrics such as your sleep heart rate, oxygen variation during your sleep, and snoring, among others, will be available there. This type of data is important even to identify possible health conditions to treat.

Likewise, there is a “see how your sleep patterns have changed over time” tab. So, basically, the new UI is designed to offer both a more appealing visual look and easy access to key data about your sleep.

New Sleep stats page
Image credit: Fitbit