Former Spotify VP starts his own podcasting network

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There are some great Spotify Podcasts out there. The company is one of the biggest podcasting companies in the world, but that’s not to say that it didn’t have to cut some people loose. Previously, Spotify had to lay off several people in its podcast division, and Max Cutler was one of them. Well, according to a new report, Cutler started the Pave Podcasting network, and it intends to pick up where he left off.

Cutler originally started a company called Parcast, and it was focused on horror and true crime podcasts. It was acquired by Spotify back in 2019 to the tune of $1 billion. After the acquisition, he was promoted to Head of Talk Creator Content and Partnerships at Spotify. He has since departed the company and returned to owning his own business.

Former Spotify VP started the Pave podcasting network

Pave is a network for original audio content. What will the studio specialize in? Well, it’s all in the name. Pave is an acronym for Podcasts, Audiobooks, Videos, and Entertainment. The company already posted its launch trailer. You can see it below.

So, this podcast network will be similar to others. It’ll be a central hub to access original audio/video content.

According to reports, it was already able to sign a couple of creators to produce original shows. These creators include Nicole Lapin (Money Rehab), Mark Hyman (The Doctor’s Farmacy), Ally Lewber (Vanderpump Rules), Jemma Sbeg (Australian self-help podcaster), and Aliza Kelly (celebrity astrologer).

At this point, we don’t know quite the extent of the content that will be available. Since this is a newer company, we don’t expect it to have a library of content comparable to Spotify or YouTube Music. The latter actually improved its podcast game.

However, Pave seems like a network to discover more obscure and more creative forms of audio/video media. You should definitely keep an eye on Pave because it seems poised to take the podcasting world by storm.