Free GeForce Now users, get ready to see ads

Advertisements, like many things in this world, are inescapable. While using many free services, you wind up paying the company in time. However, ad revenue helps fund the services that you continue to indulge in. GeForce Now is Nvidia’s cloud gaming service, and it has a limited free tier that offers you a few perks and a very basic game experience. However, the company just announced that free GeForce Now users will start to see ads before starting their games. This is a bit of a shock, seeing as Nvidia just skyrocketed to being a multi-trillion-dollar company.

If you are a free GeForce Now user, you have access to the cloud equivalent of a basic gaming rig, access to basic gaming servers, and one-hour-long sessions. You can have unlimited sessions, but they will stop after one hour. So, if you are a serious gamer, then the free membership is more of a taste of what you really want. The other memberships cost $9.99/month and $19.99/month. If you are interested in getting GeForce Now, you can go to the official GeForce Now site and check out the plans.

Free GeForce Now users will start seeing ads

This information was officially announced by the company. Nvidia just sent an email to free users letting them know that their days of ad-free gaming have come to an end. Beginning on March 5th, free users will see up to two minutes of ads before each gaming session. The fact that it said “up to” two minutes of ads means that the ad break lengths will vary.

GeForce Now ads emailGeForce Now ads email

Undoubtedly, this is something that is going to really upset free users. Platforms like Hulu and Disney+ display ads before content, but those ad breaks are never more than a minute and a half. Seeing two minutes of ads before each gaming session seems like a bit much. We’re just going to have to see how the players react to this news.

The email didn’t only explain that ads are coming to the free tier, but it also pushed users to upgrade to a paid plan. So, many people are going to see this as a ploy to get people to pay. Only time will tell if that tactic will work.