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FRSC Special Marshals sensitise Anambra motorists to safety


Unit 5 of the FRSC Special Marshals

Members of Unit 5 of the Special Marshals arm of the Federal Road Safety Corps in Anambra State, have sensitised and educated drivers and other road users in the state on good road attitudes and other safety measures on the highways.

The annual public enlightenment, which began with a thanksgiving mass at St Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, Odume Obosi in Idemili North Local Government Area of the state, on Sunday, attracted many special marshals of the Corps, drivers, motorists and other road users, as well as residents.

The exercise saw the marshals visiting motor parks, roads, churches and other public places to campaign on the need for road users to exhibit good practices on the roads, teaching as well as encouraging motorists to obey all traffic rules and highway codes.

Speaking during the campaign, the Anambra State Coordinator of the FRSC Special Marshals, Patrick Esumai, highlighted the importance of special marshals as the voluntary arm of FRSC, which provides service to humanity in the area of teaching and encouraging motorists to obey all traffic rules to enhance sanity on the roads.

Esumai said, “This public enlightenment campaign is a vital role we carry out as special marshals in teaching and encouraging motorists/road users to obey all traffic rules. When people exhibit good behaviours on the road, road crashes can be avoided.

“We act as a supporting pillar to FRSC and that is the reason Anambra State Special Marshals are currently engaged in building a Road Traffic Crash Clinic at Nteje Unit Command, which is intended to help accident victims get swift and proper medical attention with little resources and we are therefore, soliciting from government, good spirited philanthropists, corporate bodies, individuals that have the interest of humanity at heart to join us in building this notable project as service to humanity.

“The special marshals are men and women of proven integrity from all walks of life, as we are trying to work by the core values of FRSC, we encourage more people to join special marshals in service to humanity and God.”

The public enlightenment lecture was delivered by the Coordinator of Unit 5 Special Marshal, Peter Nwaezuoke, with the theme, ‘Achieving Safety on the Roads,’ adding that the three main factors that cause accidents on the roads are human, ecological and environmental.

Nwaezuoke stressed that it was the tradition of special marshals to periodically sensitise the motoring public and other road users on good cultures and best road practices to avoid road crashes and minimise traffic congestion.

He said, “This is advocacy and interventions we are carrying out as special marshals to sensitise the people on best road practices and safety measures. We started with a thanksgiving mass to thank God for keeping every member alive after our December and Easter patrols.

“Every year, members of Unit 5 of the FRSC Special Marshals go for its annual thanksgiving. The reason we do this is that we take it as a point of duty that after the patrols and God saved us on the roads, nobody was attacked and no accident was recorded, we usually thank God and since we started it, no member has been attacked.

“One of the unique things that happened this year is that before last year, there was a kind of security threat, normally, we used to do our traffic control every week, but due to the security threat, we stopped and for some time now, most units of the state were not doing traffic control, but our unit has been doing traffic control every two weeks and within the state, no other unit has been able to match us in the area of traffic control, but in all these traffic controls that we have been doing, God has been there for us, protecting us.

“There are three main factors that cause accidents and they are human, ecological and environmental. Human factors are those behaviours motorists exhibit which can lead to road crashes such as drunk driving, driving without a seat belt and people not putting their vehicles in order.

“The ecological factor has to do with weather, but thank God we have good weather conditions here and the last one is the environmental factor which comprises the road condition and topography. But where we place much priority is on the human factor because over 90 per cent of road crashes are caused by human factors.”