Galaxy Buds now allow you to launch Samsung Music

Have you ever wanted to immediately launch the Samsung Music app on your Galaxy device using your Galaxy Buds? Well, you’re in luck, since the app just got an update that allows you to set a gesture to do it.

The Galaxy Buds tend to offer the typical functions of other similar headphones. For example, there is a set of customizable gestures that allow you to control multimedia playback.

In addition to controlling audio, Samsung earphones allow you to launch your smartphone’s voice assistant. You can do it using the tap-and-hold gesture. That said, now you can set that same gesture for your Galaxy Buds to launch the Samsung Music app. This is quite convenient, especially for people who don’t even usually use voice assistants.

How to set up your Galaxy Buds to launch the Samsung Music app

The new feature is available in the latest Samsung Music app update. Once you receive it, you can enable it by going to the Galaxy Wearable app > Touch Controls > Touch and Hold. From there, you can change the default output of the gesture. Now you will notice that one of the options is to launch Samsung Music.

According to SamMobile, you can assign the gesture to either of the two earphones. That is, you won’t even have to completely rule out activating your favorite voice assistant. For example, you can set your right earphone to launch the Samsung Music app, and your left earphone to launch the assistant. It’s noteworthy that the tap-and-hold gesture is not only used to invoke the voice assistant. You can also use it to launch any other app.

Although the Samsung Music app does not have its own music streaming platform, you can link your Spotify account. So, you can use it both to enjoy music offline and from the popular service.

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Setting up Galaxy Buds to launch Galaxy Music app. Source: SamMobile