Galaxy Ring Secrets Spilled: FCC Reveals Sizes, Battery Details, & More

Ahead of its official launch, the Samsung Galaxy Ring has visited the FCC. Its listing includes some key details such as battery sizes, model numbers, and ring sizes, among others. Recent reports suggest that the wearable could be more expensive than the Galaxy Watch devices.

Samsung is expected to officially launch the Galaxy Ring at its upcoming Unpacked event in July. Before that, the company confirmed its existence and design. However, most details about its features and specs are still under wraps. Pending more official details, Droid Life found some on its own in the ring’s listing in the FCC database.

Samsung’s Galaxy Ring FCC listing reveals some details

The Galaxy Ring is expected to be available in up to nine sizes. However, its listing mentions 8 sizes with their corresponding model number and battery capacity. The smallest is the SM-Q503, for which there are live images and measurements. The listing mentions this model as “basic.” Does it mean that Samsung will reserve some features for larger models? There is nothing confirmed about it yet, but it is a possibility.

Samsung has prepared three battery sizes to distribute among all models. There are 17mAh, 18.5mAh, and 22.5mAh cells. Interestingly, the latter will only be present in one of the models, according to the listing. You can take a look at the list of models and the live images of the “basic” version below.

Usually, the live images of products listed in the databases of certifying entities remain hidden until the official launch is very close. But, those from the Samsung Galaxy Ring are already available in its FCC entry. That said, the listing reveals that the wearable will connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth LE. There is no WiFi, and it is not necessary in a product like this.

Lastly, the listing also includes a sketch of the Galaxy Ring’s charging cradle. It is not known if there will be a single charging cradle size or if it will differ depending on the model.

Galaxy Ring charging-cradle sketch.