Galaxy Z Flip 6 to feature thicker, more durable UTG panel

Samsung galaxy z flip 5 AM AH 06 jpg.webp

Samsung‘s Galaxy Z Flip 6 might bring a much-needed display upgrade. According to the Korean media, the new foldable will feature a thicker ultra-thin glass (UTG) panel on top of the folding screen. It will make the screen harder and more scratch-resistant. A thicker UTG layer will also reduce the display crease at the center. It’s unclear if the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will get the same upgrade.

Galaxy Z Flip 6 gets a thicker UTG panel

Samsung’s foldable smartphones feature an ultra-thin layer of glass on top of the folding plastic display. The glass layer, aka UTG, makes the screen stronger than a normal plastic panel. The Korean firm’s R&D (research and development) team works on improving the strength of the UTG layer while keeping it thin enough that it folds without breaking or shattering.

This year’s Galaxy Z Flip 6 will reportedly feature around 70% thicker UTG panel. According to The Elec, the new foldable’s display glass will be 50 micrometers (μm) thick. All previous versions had the same thickness of around 30μm. This upgrade should make the folding display substantially more scratch-resistant while reducing the crease, one of the biggest complaints with Galaxy foldables.

Samsung did make progress in its endeavor to eliminate the display crease last year. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 featured a waterdrop-type hinge design that allowed the two halves of the device to fold flat without putting much stress on the screen, thus reducing the crease. A UTG upgrade might make it less visible. Hopefully, Samsung will also use the new UTG panel on the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

A hinge upgrade will follow next year

Samsung will reportedly use the same hinge on its upcoming foldables as the 2023 models. However, next year, it plans to upgrade the hinge, while further improving its UTG tech. The Galaxy Z Flip 7 and Galaxy Z Fold 7 could boast an even stronger folding display and less visible crease. We might hear more about Samsung’s plans once the upcoming models are out of the way.

Multiple sources have confirmed that Samsung will host its next Galaxy Unpacked event on July 10. For a change, the event takes place in Paris, France. It usually keeps these major launch events in the US or its home country South Korea. The firm selected France this year because the country is hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics and it is one of the biggest sponsors of the games. Along with new foldables, the event should also bring new watches, earbuds, and more.