Galaxy Z Fold 6 is substantially slimmer & lighter than Fold 5

Samsung‘s foldables could finally match the competition in weight and thickness. According to a noted industry insider, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will be about 6% lighter and 10% slimmer than the previous-gen model. It will also have a wider profile, improving the aspect ratio of the cover display. A leaked image of the device’s prototype shows what it could look like.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 tipped to be slimmer, lighter, and wider

With each new generation, Samsung has reduced the width and thickness of its foldables. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 weighed 271 grams and measured up to 16mm in thickness (6.4mm when unfolded). The numbers came down to 263 grams, 15.8mm, and 6.3mm with the Fold 4. The company further dropped the numbers to 253 grams, 13.4mm, and 6.1mm with the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Last year’s model also folded without leaving a gap. However, it was still heavier and bulkier than the competition. The OnePlus Open weighs 239 grams and measures 11.7mm/5.8mm in thickness. The Huawei Mate X5 is even slimmer at 11.1mm/5.3mm. Samsung isn’t going to Huawei’s levels yet but may catch up to the OnePlus foldable with its next-gen model.

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 will weigh 239 grams, X tipster Ice Universe claims, adding that it “finally reaches the first-tier level.” The device will also be substantially thinner, measuring just 5.6mm when unfolded. In its folded state, the overall thickness will come in at 12.1mm. If these numbers are accurate, the new foldable will be 14 grams lighter and 1.3mm thinner (when folded) than its predecessor.

The tipster further claims that the Galaxy Z Fold 6’s internal display will measure 7.6 inches diagonally. While the overall size is unchanged, Samsung has made the display more square-ish with a 7:6 ratio. The Fold 5’s folding display has a 6:5 aspect ratio. This means the new model will be wider, a change that makes the cover display appear more like a regular smartphone.

The 6.2-inch cover display on the Fold 5 has a 23.1:9 aspect ratio. It is a tall screen that doesn’t quite feel like a regular smartphone. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 improves the ratio to 22:9, with the screen measuring 6.3 inches. This addresses another complaint with Samsung foldables. Both displays are also said to offer a higher resolution, making for higher pixel density.

Leaked prototype reveals the foldable’s design

Ice Universe also shared an image of what they claim is a Galaxy Z Fold 6 prototype. The image is blurry but the device looks like a tall Galaxy S24 Ultra thanks to its sharp corners. Rumors have it that Samsung will unveil its 2024 foldables, which will also include the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and likely a Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra, in early July. You can expect more leaks in the build-up to the launch.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 prototypeSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 prototype