GameSir's new Bluetooth Android controller has Hall Effect sticks

GameSir X4 Aileron scaled.webp

GameSir has announced the launch of a new Android controller this week called the X4 Aileron, and it’s not like most of GameSir’s past mobile controllers. At least not the last few models. Many of GameSir’s more recent controllers from the last few years have utilized a direct connection similar to the Razer Kishi Ultimate. Its latest controller, however, doesn’t use a direct connection at all.

Instead, it uses Bluetooth which should help make it compatible with just about every mobile phone out there. Given those phones will fit in between the controller’s left and right sides. Luckily it should fit most phones without a case. GameSir says the maximum allowed width is 95mm and it goes as low as 68mm. It also has a maximum thickness of 12mm. The ROG Phone 8 Pro Edition, a phone which I had trouble getting into other controllers, has a width of 76.8mm and a thickness of 8.9mm. So it should fit no problem. And if it can fit, most phones should fit.

While many controllers have used a direct connection to promote low-latency input response, GameSir says that the Bluetooth connection on the X4 Aileron is also low-latency. So it shouldn’t have a negative impact on the input latency. The X4 Aileron also has another desirable trait that made controllers such as the very first Kishi so appealing. It’s compact. When not in use, the left side of the controller flips over and you can connect the two via its telescoping design. It also uses magnets to keep it latched together.

When you’re ready to play, you detach the two sides, insert your phone, and then secure to latches on the top that lock your phone in place. GameSir even packed a nice semi-hard shell case to keep the controller secure during travel.

The GameSir X4 Aileron features Hall Effect sticks

When it comes to game controllers one thing that remains uncommon is seeing one with Hall Effect sticks. They’re becoming less rare, but sticks with Hall Effect sensors still aren’t used by the majority of controllers. For some, this won’t be an issue, but many people have experienced problems with stick drift. And once stick drift sets in, it makes playing certain games a whole lot more difficult. Certainly less enjoyable.

Hall Effect sticks fix this issue because they reduce the risk of stick drift. They don’t completely erase the possibility of it popping up. But the chances are incredibly small and a whole lot less likely. GameSir has taken this to heart and has used Hall Effect sticks for the X4 Aileron because it knows the inconvenience that stick drift can cause. What that means for the consumer is that they can play games as much as they want and shouldn’t ever have to worry about the X4 Aileron running into this problem. Even after years of use.

It gets better. The controller also has microswitch buttons for that super tactile feel with quick actuation. These are great in any game but they can make a big difference in shooters. These microswitches are also rated for up to 5 million clicks, and that should help keep them performing in tip-top shape for quite a long time. There are two mappable back buttons as well for extra functionality.

The controller is available for $99.99

GameSir officially launched the controller this week, and it’s available through GameSir directly as well as on Amazon. It’ll set you back $99.99, but that’s about the going rate for most mobile controllers of this caliber these days. And most or all of those other controllers won’t come with a nice travel case to keep the controller in. All-in-all, the GameSir X4 Aileron looks like a solid mobile controller.