Get ready to experience the joy of the Pokemon trading card game on your phone

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Almost 30 years ago, the world got this introduction to Pokemon. The franchise has gone through a ton of changes since then with video games, movies, Etc. However, you can’t forget about the good old Pokemon Trading Card Game. For those nostalgic nerds out there, The Pokemon Company just announced Pokemon TCG Pocket. It will bring the joy of the Pokemon Trading Card Game to your phone

Pokemon is no stranger to mobile apps. Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games on the mobile app market. However, there are some people who want more of a nostalgic experience. Many people remember the good old days when they traded cards and battled with their friends (or potential enemies). So, this is the kind of feeling that this game drives to bring back.

Pokemon TCG Pocket will bring back the feeling of trading Pokemon cards

This app was developed in collaboration between the Pokemon Company, Creatures Inc., and DeNA. Using the app should feel similar to playing the trading card game in that you will receive packs of trading cards. It’ll be up to chance whichever Pokemon you get in the packs. This is just like in real life when picking up packs from the store.

You won’t only be able to collect Pokemon, but you’ll also be able to trade them with other users. Also, you can’t forget about battling. You’ll battle other players and see the battle unfold with clever animations for the cards. However, battling seems like it will be much different. It appears that they will focus on speed rather than tact. So, the battling might not be as immersive as back in the day. That’s just something to keep in mind

What’s neat is that certain cards will have certain effects on them. For instance, we saw a Charizard card with blames hovering above the actual card to give it a 3D effect. There are also what the company is calling “Immersive cards.” These open up stunning animations of different scenes. We’re not quite sure how rare those cards will be.

So, this seems like a very fun and immersive game, and many people will enjoy using it. One thing we’re going to have to wait on is whatever monetization system the game will have. We’re very certain that, in order to get packs of cards, you will have to take out your wallet at some point. In any case, we’re going to have to wait.

The company announced that Pokemon TCG Pocket will be coming out sometime in 2024. However, the company did not state any specific quarter or half of the year to expect it. So, we’re going to have to keep tuned to the latest updates.