Getting the Onn 4K Pro's backlit remote is currently a matter of luck

Walmart Onn 4K Pro Google TV Box jpg.webp

One of the main attractions of Walmart’s latest Onn Pro Google TV box is its new backlit remote. Not only because it is backlit, but it also includes an additional “Free TV” button, giving it more functionality. However, multiple buyers of the device received a different remote that lacks both things.

Now, Walmart has clarified that this is normal, at least at first. 9to5Google reached out to the company about it and got a response. According to Walmart, the first batch of its latest Onn Google TV box will randomly include remotes with or without backlighting. So, if you buy the device right now, it’s a matter of luck that you receive the “best” remote.

Currently, not all Onn 4K Pro units include the new backlit remote

That said, this won’t be like this forever. The company says that future batches of the Onn 4K Pro will include the backlit remote in all units. Therefore, if you want to receive this specific remote, it is better that you wait a little before buying this Google TV box. Walmart did not reveal when all units will begin to include it or why they sent a simpler remote randomly to some.

This situation, together with stock problems during the first days after the official announcement, made the launch of the device a bit bumpy and confusing. However, it seems that the company has already resolved the problem of lack of stock. Now they just have to start including the backlit remote in all units.

Apart from the backlight and the absence of the additional “Free TV” button, the rest of the functionalities between both versions of the remote are the same. Both feature the customizable “Magic” button shown by Google initially in 2020. Additionally, they support the useful “remote finder” feature.