Ghanaian healthtech Rivia acquires SaaS company Waffle to digitise primary care clinics

  • Rivia, a Ghanaian healthtech startup, has acquired Waffle, a software-as-a-service provider for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), to digitise primary care clinics and improve operations.
  • RiviaOS is the new name for Waffle”s hospital management and inventory tools, which Rivia now owns and operates.
  • Victor Nara, the founder of Waffle, has also joined healthtech Rivia as Chief Technology Officer.

Isidore Kpotufe (CEO), former Treepz CMO, launched Rivia in January 2024 to partner with clinics to provide them with management support, technology, financing and customer acquisition.

Every month, the healthtech receives a commission from revenue generated by partner clinics; however, one of Rivia’s affiliation terms for partner clinics is co-branding.

Meanwhile, the acquired company, Waffle, has been in business for over a year. This acquisition happened within three months of Rivia’s launch.

Waffle’s new home, RiviaOS, is Rivia’s Healthcare-as-a-Service (HaaS) solution for appointment scheduling, service storefronts, and consultations. It also uses artificial intelligence for health diagnosis, e-pharmacy, e-lab, vital sign capture, billing, and inventory management.

Kpotufe commented on the acquisition, highlighting Waffle’s CEO’s business and technology insights, which aided the deal.

However, Victor Nara stated that Rivia and Waffle share similar values and that combining strengths and resources will lead to increased value, options, and opportunities for clinics, customers, partners, and employees.

“We will also be able to accelerate our innovation, expand our reach, and enhance our impact,” he added.

In Ghana, as the adoption of digital health increases, the market is expected to reach a revenue of $171 million in 2024 and more than $250 million by 2028. Among the various market categories, fitness & well-being is expected to emerge as the largest market in Ghana which reflects the growing interest in personal health and wellness among Ghanaians. According to the report, “Ghana is experiencing a growing trend in the adoption of telemedicine services to improve access to healthcare in remote areas.”