Give your car wireless Android Auto with this adapter for $60

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Android Auto is available in plenty of cars these days but it’s not always wireless, which is why this deal on the Motorola MA1 over at Amazon is a must-have product. You just plug this bad boy in and it connects to your phone wirelessly so you can still use Android Auto without having to plug your phone in.

The Motorola MA1 regularly retails for $90 but you can currently pick it up for $60. That’s a savings of 33% or $30. Now this doesn’t give your car Android Auto it only makes Android Auto a wireless connection. So your car has to have Android Auto already. Also worth noting is that some cars also already support Android Auto wireless connections. So you’ll want to make sure that your car doesn’t support wireless Android Auto before picking this up.

The MA1 uses a 5GHz WiFi connection to keep your phone connected wirelessly, so not only is it fast but reliable as well. Setup of this thing is as simple as it could be too. All you have to do is plug it into a USB port in the car, then pair it with your phone and that’s it. The pairing process only has to be done once so all you have to do from then on is plug it in.

One neat little bonus with this device is that it comes with a small gel pad. This is so you can secure the MA1 in place and prevent it from sliding around. It’s not necessary to use it. But if you don’t have a good spot for it to stay secure, the gel pad could be useful and it’s recommended to give it a shot.

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