Glanceable Directions on Google Maps finally reach more users

There’s some good news for Google Maps users worldwide. Finally, the new glanceable directions feature has started rolling out to users across the globe after a long waiting period. Google developers introduced this feature as part of wider improvements throughout 2023 aimed at creating an immersive view for Maps.

Google Maps’ glanceable directions make navigation easier than ever

Originally announced in February last year, glanceable directions bring key information like real-time ETA and turn-by-turn directions right onto your lock screen. This means you do not have to keep unlocking your phone every time thus making navigation more seamless. Additionally, users can check out their journey in route overview without having to begin granular directions hence providing a convenient way of checking routes in familiar areas.

Contrary to the initial announcements claiming it would be available globally on Android and iOS devices some months after its launch in February, it took almost one year for its global rollout to begin. 9to5Google expands further on how glanceable directions work. For those who have been eagerly waiting for the feature, you will soon get a chance to use it in your region.

google maps glanceable directionsgoogle maps glanceable directions
Credits: Google

Here’s how you can toggle the feature in navigation settings

By January 2024, folks at Android Police observed the glanceable directions toggle had appeared on numerous devices, which is accessible from Settings under the Navigation menu. To activate this feature once available, users need to press the icon of their profile located at the top right corner of the screen, tap Settings, and then proceed to navigation settings.

Toggle glanceable directionsToggle glanceable directions


The glanceable directions toggle, unfortunately disabled by default, is located just past the Map Display section. Users will have a safer drive if this feature is online because they won’t need to unlock their phones so often. As much as we appreciate the addition of glanceable directions with all the benefits it brings, some users might not have realized that it was included by default.

However, those users who have already embraced it can live to testify about how convenient and safe Google Maps has become through this great feature. As people finally get hold of this long-awaited add-on; many are hoping that future app enhancements from Google Maps will roll out faster.