Gmail could soon let you manage unwanted emails seamlessly

AH Gmail 2 pane view foldables

Subscribing to services is undoubtedly a great way to stay in touch with things that interest you. However, it becomes a big problem when you are bombarded with a ridiculous number of emails. It becomes more annoying than helpful, and you may want to opt out of the services. The good news is that Gmail, the 20-year-old email service, is nearing completion of its development of a feature to help you manage those subscriptions.

‘Manage subscription’ in Gmail is nearing its public rollout

In January of this year, code expert AssembleDebug discovered the ‘Manage subscriptions’ feature in Gmail hidden under flags. However, at that time, it was unclear how this feature would function. Activating the feature and clicking on the ‘Manage subscriptions’ option would only lead to a never-ending loading screen.

It indicated that the feature was still in its early development stages. However, three months have passed since then. A recent revelation from PunikaWeb, in collaboration with AssembleDebug, shows the feature in action.

Although the feature in the Gmail app (version 2024.04.07.622678535) on Android is still hidden under flags and needs to be activated separately, it’s mature enough to give us an idea of how the feature may work. As you can see from the screenshot, clicking on the ‘Manage subscriptions’ option from the sidebar in Gmail opens a new page with a ‘Subscriptions’ title on top of the page. The page will likely show all the email lists.

But can you see who sends you how many? Some will be under control and indeed beneficial to remain subscribed to. Well, it turns out that this feature will filter the email list based on how frequently you receive emails from services.

The feature will filter your email list based on how often you receive emails

Strings of code show three filters for the classification – less than 10 per quarter, 10 to 20 per quarter, and more than 20 emails per quarter. As PunikaWeb notes, there will be a logo of the sender or the service and a button to unsubscribe from the mailing list inside the ‘Manage subscriptions’ feature in Gmail. Some regular users have already encountered this feature in Gmail, which led them to the same infinite loading screen. It suggests an accidental activation of the feature from Google. Nonetheless, the feature is nearing its development and should be rolled out publicly in the near future.